War of GAMA, the first MMORPG mobile game with built-in offline auto-battle 2023.04.11

War of GAMA, the first MMORPG mobile game with built-in offline auto-battle, is officially launched worldwide. The addition of Kingdom Coin creates a new economic cycle and injects fresh elements into the classic game.

The first MMORPG mobile game with built-in offline auto-battle, "War of GAMA," officially launched worldwide at 11:00 UTC+8 on April 6th. In addition to classic gameplay, such as fighting and looting throughout the entire map, the game has also added many innovative elements. The offline auto-battle leveling system, the original Enchantment system, which increases attribute values, and the new currency "Kingdom Coin" and special item "Time Gem" can help players improve their combat power more effectively. Furthermore, the game's collection and encyclopedia systems are also a major highlight. To celebrate the official launch, the official website is holding various opening celebration events, and players who have participated in the pre-registration can also receive a luxurious combat package worth 500 USD upon logging in today.

Picture 01:《War of GAMAofficially launched worldwide at 11:00 UTC+8 on April 6th.

Original Curse system The new economic system Injecting fresh elements into the classic game

"War of GAMA" inherits the classic MMORPG gameplay and introduces fresh elements such as offline auto-battle to free up players' hands, and one-handed operation for easy gameplay. The game also features a magical system that provides randomly generated attribute boosts. In addition, a new currency called Kingdom Coin has been added, which plays an important role in the game. It can be used to enhance the attribute boosts generated by the curse system, to obtain stronger and more suitable attributes. It can also be used to enhance equipment and weapons above a certain stability level, to craft and synthesize rare (blue quality) Morph cards and summoning spirits, and to auction items worth over 10,000 diamonds. In order to become stronger and have higher combat power in the world of "War of GAMA", Kingdom Coin is essential. It can only be obtained by killing monsters, bosses, or other players through PK battles in the game, with a fixed daily limit for acquisition. Players can use special items called "Time Stone" to increase the limit and drop rate of Kingdom Coin acquisition. The number of "Time Stone" that can be used varies depending on the quality of transformation cards owned in the account. If the account has purple (legendary) quality Morph cards, three gems can be used daily to increase the acquisition limit and boost the drop rate by 500%. For red (hero) and blue (rare) quality morph cards, two and one gems can be used respectively. Using "Time Stone" can greatly increase the Kingdom Coin acquisition limit, allowing for a significant increase in combat power and becoming even stronger.

Picture 02:《War of GAMAThe benefits brought by the Kingdom Coin Curse system.

03 :《War of GAMAThe new Token “Kingdom Coin” Increase your combat power

Codex system   Hundreds of collections Boots your Combat Power

In War of GAMA, there is a powerful codex system including a comprehensive encyclopedia and collection system. The first time a player obtains a morph card or summons spirit, they can activate the encyclopedia. Activating specific combinations of the encyclopedia can provide permanent attribute bonuses. Repeating equipment and items can be registered in the codex system, and collecting the specified type and enhancement level of equipment and item combinations can also provide permanent attribute bonuses. Both systems contain over 100 combinations, so players do not have to worry about getting duplicate items or equipment being wasted. The attribute bonuses obtained from activation or collection completion are permanent and can greatly increase combat power.

Picture 05: 《War of GAMAHundreds of Collections boots your Combat Power

Celebrating the launch with numerous valuable benefits to assist in quickly leveling up


"War of GAMA" officially launched today (4/6) with enthusiastic support from players. Players who completed the pre-registration will receive a luxurious battle gift package worth up to $500. To celebrate the global launch, the game will also hold numerous opening celebration activities, giving away rare (blue) Morph cards, summoning spirits, and rare (blue) equipment materials as rewards. In addition, by joining a Blood Pledges and entering the top 10 rankings, all members can receive a hero lucky box containing a red hero crafting scroll. Furthermore, the first player to obtain a red hero morph card and the first player to obtain a red hero summoning spirit will each receive an additional red hero crafting scroll. The store also offers many super value gift packages, such as a select rare (blue) morph card and summoning spirit package, rare (blue) weapon and armor package, various support growth packages, and gold coin package, all of which are guaranteed to be great value. Moreover, the operation team will also distribute daily combat support supplies to make the game easier and more enjoyable for players!

In addition, the official fan page will also hold a series of celebration activities, preparing many rewards to give to players. Be sure to follow the official community to learn more about "War of GAMA"!

Picture 06Celebrating the launch with numerous valuable benefits to assist in quickly leveling up.

War of GAMAOfficial websitehttps://warofgama.io/

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