The first MMORPG mobile game with built-in offline idle, "War of GAMA", is set to launch on April . 2023.04.13

The first MMORPG mobile game with built-in offline idle, "War of GAMA", is set to launch on April . Subverting traditional gameplay and introducing a new battle mode.   

The first MMORPG mobile game with offline idle, "War of GAMA," features classic gameplay of intense combat and killing. It also incorporates innovative features, allowing players to level up and battle automatically through offline placement, making it easy to train with one hand. The game introduces an original "Curse" system that enhances the existing powers of Morph cards, summoned spirits, equipment, and weapons by adding three random rare quality values, taking character fighting ability to the next level. In addition, the dual-platform reservation is currently underway, and on March 31th, the official announced that the game will be officially launched globally on April, and released relevant game information.      

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Picture 01:《War of GAMA》is set to launch on April 

Offline idle ,high drop rate ,easy to train      

"War of GAMA" is an MMORPG that inherits classic gameplay with intense battles and thrilling killings. However, unlike the usual grind for leveling up, it features a built-in 6-12 hours of offline idle, which solves the problem of needing to be online for 24 hours for training. Players can easily gain experience points and equipment even while sleeping. To make the game more accessible for players who have difficulty with control, the game can be played with one hand. Additionally, the game has a higher chance of obtaining high-level (red) Morph cards, summoning spirits, and equipment, as well as a 150%-200% higher ratio of diamond recharge, making it easier for players to start and enjoy a smooth and satisfying gaming experience.   

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Picture 2:《War of GAMA》built-in 6-12 hours of offline idle 

Unlimited transformation ,become the stronger with super attack speed   

War of GAMA" has a powerful Morph card system that not only changes the appearance but also increases attack speed and greatly enhances combat power. To make it easier for players to obtain cards to increase combat power, the game greatly increases the probability of obtaining rare blue cards and hero-quality red cards through the card drawing system. Additionally, cards can also be enchanted to become Curse morph cards, which add 3-5 random bonus attributes, making them even more powerful in battle. Users can also obtain or sell Curse Morph cards through trading, increasing their value. Players can experience the charm of transformation by obtaining cards through the in-game store's card drawing system, purchasing gift packages, or spending coins on daily card draws. The quality of Morph cards in the game includes  white (common) and green (rare) qualities, as well as highly sought-after unique blue, Epic-quality red, and legend purple cards. Depending on the profession and weapon type, Morph cards are divided into four categories: melee, ranged, spell, and versatile, and different types require corresponding weapons to be equipped for attack and combat. This allows players to have a different appearance and a more enjoyable combat experience at the same time.    


Picture 03: 《War of GAMA》The Curse Morph card has 3-5 additional random bonus attributes compared to the original Morph card.

Picture 04: 《War of GAMA》The powerful Morph card system allows for unlimited transformations, boosting attack speed and combat power.

Eternal loyal summon spirits provide powerful assistance

       In "War of GAMA", one of the features that players can't get enough of besides the transformation cards is the summoning spirits. The game has also increased the acquisition rate for blue and red quality summoning spirits, making it easier for players to obtain powerful battle companions. The summoning spirits can also be transformed into Curse summoning spirits through the Curse function, providing more attribute bonuses and tradeable features that will bring greater assistance to players, while also solving the problem of not being able to obtain desired Morph card or summoning spirits, making these items more valuable.

Although the summoning spirits do not directly participate in battles, they can provide powerful assistance to players. They are not restricted by profession or type, but there are profession-based bonuses that players can choose according to their own profession, summoning the most loyal and powerful summoning spirits to fight alongside them, making experience point bonuses and leveling up much easier!

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Picture 05: 《War of GAMA》Summon spirits are good companions for players to level up

Make your own equipment and feel the enhance

In "War of GAMA", powerful equipment and items can often make players invincible in battle. The game has made significant improvements to its equipment system. In addition to the usual white (common) and green (rare) quality, there are also blue (unique), red (epic), purple (legendary), and gold (Immortal) quality equipment that players crave for. Higher-tier equipment is often difficult to obtain in other games, but in "War of GAMA", the team has adjusted the way higher-tier equipment is obtained, increasing the drop rates for blue and red equipment after defeating monsters and allowing players to directly obtain them by completing daily NPC tasks. Moreover, equipment and items can also be crafted through the crafting system, which allows players to easily obtain materials and scrolls through various means. Powerful weapons, equipment, and crafting materials of purple and gold quality for each class can also be found in dungeons. Crafting results are divided into successful and great success, allowing players to obtain high-quality equipment without feeling frustrated. The enhance system can also increase the combat power of weapons and equipment. When the enhance level reaches a certain value, additional attributes will be unlocked, making players even more invincible in the game.

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Picture 06:《War of GAMA》Players can craft epic equipment through crafting and enhancing

Preheat activities for fan page events have begun

         To welcome the upcoming release of "War of GAMA," the official fan group is also holding a series of pre-launch activities. By sharing the rare treasures obtained in the pre-launch server, players can get rewards to use in the official server. The pre-launch server is an independent server where new systems will be introduced and adjusted before they are released in the official server. During the period before the official server is launched, players can continue to experience and wait through the pre-launch server. In addition, don't miss out on the surprises and benefits brought by the fan group! For more information about "War of GAMA," please follow the official community!!

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Picture 07:《War of GAMA》The official fan page will hold a series of pre-launch events and give away virtual rewards

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