The First Ever Closed Beta Test of Classic RPG Game War of GAMA Comes to a Close 2023.04.13

The First Ever Closed Beta Test of Classic RPG Game War of GAMA Comes to a Close

   Tens of thousands of people around the world have joined forces in battle, Google Play and App Store pre-registrations opened

          Classic MMORPG mobile game "War Of GAMA" developed by Gamamobi has held its first ever limited global closed beta test (CBT), attracting nearly 30,000 players. Today (10/12) official statistics were published regarding the beta test event.  We thank players for their enthusiasm and support for War of Gama, and welcome them to come pre-register on the Google Play and iOS App Store. The next beta test is currently being prepared, and plans to improve War of GAMA are in motion. Features such as the innovative one-handed play and other immersive battle mechanics promise to deliver an unprecedented fantasy experience. All-new morph mechanics not only offer limitless possibilities to players to increase their combat strength, it delivers bonus stats and multipliers for players to take advantage of. Through optimization and non-stop upgrades, War of GAMA offers players a perfect game world.

Image 01:War Of GAMA Google Play and iOS App Store Pre-Registration Open Now

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Fight Limitless Battles, Become the Most Powerful, Defeat Your Enemies
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Image 02:War Of GAMA Statistics 

Fantastic Result with Seas of Players Participating in the First War of GAMA Beta

       War Of GAMA held a successful and hotly anticipated closed beta test (CBT) in recent days. The short week of CBT testing ended with almost 30,000 players having participated, with Taiwan, China, the US, Korea, and Japan making up around 60% of the player base, and Southeast Asia also making up a not insignificant portion of players. The next-day player retention was as high as 42.7%, and three-day retention at 34.7%. Through these statistics, we can clearly see the passion players have for War of GAMA.  

Image 03:War Of GAMA Users from China, the US, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan account for approximately 60% of players

Some more interesting statistics are below:

  • The next-day retention rate was as high as 42.7%, and three-day retention was at 34.7%

  • Total player online time: 266,945 minutes

  • Selected hero split: Knight: 27.9%, Elf: 45.1%, Mage: 27%.

  • Average Level: 31

  • Highest Level: 45  Character name:Kong Mu Yue (空木月)

  • Highest enhanced equipment level:+9  Equipment name:Hurricane颶風

  • Total explosions:8,377

  • Total monster kills : 80,083,685

  • Total PvP kills : 2861

  • Total morph card draws:948,211

  • Total summon card draws:386,089次

  • Morph card rarity split:White:758,568, Green:94,821, Blue:85,339, Red:9,482

  • Summoned spirit rarity split: White: 308,871, Green:38,609, Blue:34,748, Red:3,860

  • Most used summoned spirit and morph card:

Morph:Ice Dragon Frostine

Summoned Spirit: Elite Piscean Hunter

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Image 04:War of GAMA – In 1 Short Week, Players Accrued a Total of 266,945 Hours of Play Time 

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Image 05:War of GAMA Most Powerful Player Kong Mu Yue’s「空木月」Elf Reached Level 45

Image 06:War Of GAMA’s Agile Elf Wins Players’ Love

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Image 07:War Of GAMA Revolutionary Morph Card Mechanics

Image 08:War Of GAMA Summoned Spirits Support Players’ Battles and Deliver Unprecedented Immersion

      To thank players for their enthusiasm and support for War of GAMA, in addition to opening up pre-registrations on the Google Play store and iOS App Store, War of GAMA will also plan a second CBT event, featuring a much more vast amount of game systems and mechanics. Players should keep up to date with official War of GAMA communities and news to hear about the next beta as it happens – and don’t forget to head to Google Play or the iOS App Store to preregister!   

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Image 09:War Of GAMA’s Next Closed Beta Planned, Players Welcomed to Join the War of GAMA Community

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