FAQ collection 2023.03.31

1. Q: Where can I download and install the game?


▶Google Play Store download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamamobi.wog

▶App Store download link:


▶APK download link:https://static.gamamobi.com/apk/wog_v1_1.0_release.apk

2. Q: What are device requirements for playing War of GAMA?



Snapdragon 835 or above

4G memory

Android 7 .0 or above system


iPhone 8 plus

iOS 12 or above system


Recommended to use a newer version of LD Player 9 or other emulators. Using an older version of the emulator may cause the game to fail to open normally.

3. Q: How to set game language?

A: Click [Settings] - [Language Settings] in the game to select the corresponding language. The default language of the game is the system language of the mobile device.

4. Q: Can characters under the same account share the items?

A: The multi-characters content under the same server under one account includes: gold coins, diamonds, warehouses, cursed morph cards, cursed summoned spirit cards, morph cards, summoned spirit cards, safety boxes, mails, check-in, favorites, and spirit pattern. (If there are other content changes in subsequent versions, please pay attention to the version update announcement)

5. Q: How to bind account?

A: Please refer to the official announcement "Account Binding Tutorial". Click here.

6. Q: Why I cannot log into the game?

A:Any of the following conditions may lead to the problem of being unable to log in.

Whether the game has been updated to the latest version

Under maintenance or temporary maintenance

Check the device used is connected to the network normally

When the number of server players has reached the upper limit, it may cause a situation where you cannot log in to the game

7. Q: Why I cannot install the game?

A: Any of the following conditions may cause the problem that cannot install the game

The device has insufficient memory space

Need to meet the game's minimum device requirements

An unstable network connection may cause failure to update and install

There is old installation package content remaining on the device, you need to uninstall the old game package and then install it

8. Q: Why does the game flashback or crash?

A: The problem may be caused by insufficient memory space on the mobile phone. You can try to close the game and restart it to confirm.

If you still can't play the game smoothly, you can try the following methods

※Device Settings > War Of GAMA > Select Storage Space > Data and Cache Delete

If it cannot be ruled out, you can use the [Customer Service] system response in the floating button.

9. Q: Will the equipment disappear when the enhancement fails?

A: Equipment enhancement is a key point in the game. When the enhancement exceeds the safe range of the equipment, there will be a chance of failure and the equipment will disappear. Adventurers can pay attention to the text on the equipment enhancement interface to avoid misuse.

10. Q: How to move to other maps?

A: Click the small map area on the upper right, click [World] on the top, and click the green circular icon of the corresponding area to transfer.

11. Q: How to set automatic potion using? And how to unlock higher-rank potions?

A: Please click the potion icon at the bottom left of the main game interface, and click [Battle Operation] to set the potion to be used automatically. After unlocking higher-quality potions with unlocking items, you can set it to automatically use higher-quality potions.

12. Q: Why I cannot equip weapons after morphing?

A: Each morph has a suitable weapon type, which can be confirmed according to the icon.

13. Q: I accidentally sold the equipment, how can I lock the props?

A: Click on the inventory, find the corresponding equipment that needs to be locked, long press to display the detailed information about the equipment, and there is a lock icon on the lower left to lock and unlock the equipment.

14. Q: I put an item on the list by mistake, can I recover the item?

A:When it is mistakenly listed on the marketplace, player can cancel before it is purchased, but after it has been purchased, the item cannot be restored/returned.

15. Q: Why I cannot sell the items in the marketplace

A:There are bound items behind the item's name, which cannot be traded. Items cannot be put on sale in the state of equipment.

Items cannot be sold or transferred when they are bound.

16. Q: How to report a player?

A: You can use the [Customer Service] system response in the floating button.

17. Q: How to use AFK function?

A: There are two ways to AFK in the game:

There are two ways to AFK in the game:

The first is to actively hang up, the operation method: click the stopwatch icon on the upper right of the main interface, and after clicking, you can set the AFK (AFK location, consumables, etc.). AFK consumable storage and inventory items are independent of each other and need to be supplemented in the settings. After confirming that the consumables are sufficient, start and AFK.

In addition, the game is enabled by default to automatically AFK about 15 minutes after the current map is offline (including unstable network or active offline). If you do not want to enable this function, you can go to the AFK settings to turn it off.

18. Q: What does Kingdom Coin do?

A: Some systems in the game need to consume Kingdom Coin (KC), such as enhancement equipment, cursed morph card/summoned spirit rerolling, etc. (more usage channels are subject to in-game)

19. Q: How to find the undead monster?

A: Click on the small map at the top right of the main interface, and after selecting a region, you can find the corresponding undead monsters in the monster list below.

20. Q: How to view character attributes details?

A: Click the level icon (small blue shield style) on the upper left of the main interface - click on the attribute details.

21. Q: What is for merchant reputation?

A: The higher the level of prestige, the more goods can be unlocked from the merchants. While building a good relationship with the merchants, the merchants will also give reward letters to the adventurers to encourage them.

22. Q: How to check the buff status of the current character?

A: Click the magnifying glass icon under the level on the main interface to view the current character's buff status.

23. Q: How to redeem coupons?

A: Click [Settings] - [Information] in the main menu of the main interface, click the coupons button, and enter the corresponding coupons to redeem.

24. Q: How to check the current character's ID?

A: Click [Settings] - [Information] in the main menu of the main interface to view the current character ID.

25. Q: Why I cannot get gold coins from killing monsters?

A: Monsters below level 10 (including level 10) will not drop gold coins.

26. Q: How to dismantle equipment?

A: Click [Inventory] - select the corresponding equipment and long press, and click the dismantle button. Dismantle requires the use of dismantler items, some equipment cannot be dismantled, and can only be deleted or sold to recycling merchants.

27. Q: How to find field bosses?

A: When the boss event starts, the world system will announce the area where the boss is located. You need to go to this area to find the teleportation entrance, and you can find the corresponding boss after entering.

28. Q: What is the good and evil value?

A: Killing a player will reduce the value of good and evil. When it is reduced to a negative value, the player will turn into a red name, and there is a higher probability of dropping items after death. You can increase the value of good and evil by killing monsters.

29. Q: What is the punishment for being red name?

A: In the current game, red-name players have a higher probability of dropping items after death. (If there are any adjustments in subsequent versions, please refer to the announcement)

30. Q: I play a melee class but I got archer class morph card, what should I do?

A: It can be used in common with morph accounts and can be used directly after creating archer-type occupations in the same account (the same applies to other occupations).

31. Q: at is Gamma's Blessing (Gold Leaves) good for? What is the upper limit of acquisition?

A: Gamma's blessing (gold leaves) can provide EXP and gold coins to obtain bonuses; the upper limit is 9999, please pay attention to the quantity when replenishing gold leaves, and avoid using too many supplementary items at one time.