Account Security Policy Announcement 2023.03.31

Dear Adventurer:

In order to ensure a healthy and fair game environment and let everyone have a good game experience, the operation team has formulated the "War of GAMA Game Account Security and Fair Game Policies and Regulations". We will do our best to provide a safe and fair gaming environment for every "War of GAMA" player!

1. Avoid being scammed! Do not use illegal charge platform

Some unscrupulous scammers released fraudulent information about game currency charges to attract players who want to upgrade quickly with attractive discounts and false promises. It is totally a scam! Do not trust any unofficial information on the Internet, such as events, hack programs, accelerators, winning giveaway information, giveaway websites, private charging bonus, etc. "War of GAMA" does not cooperate with any unofficial charging platform.

Consequences of misconduct:

If you are involved in a fraud case by trusting fraudulent information such as illegal charging goods in the game, you are considered an accomplice who committed a crime and your rights and interests may be damaged. Illegal charging and the malicious refund can cause permanent ban on the game, as well as threats and financial losses from illegal organizations.

Operation team declaration:

The official hereby solemnly declares that, except for the Gamamobi official platform, the official has not authorized any other company to provide charging services.

In order to prevent players from being scammed, please do not use unofficial channels to charge. If any illegal charge or malicious refund is caught, we will issue a "warning" and "permanent ban" to the game account (even if you have used formal channels to charge the account, the account will still be subject to violations. our terms of service and risk permanent ban). We will conduct online monitoring 24 hours a day, and ban the accounts that post and spread charging information. If players find fraudulent messages such as selling illegal currency in the game, please take a screenshot and provide the message to the game customer service. We will directly "permanently ban" such fraudulent accounts as soon as possible.

2. Prohibit inappropriate game behavior!

Inappropriate game behavior through informal platforms or channels seriously undermines the fairness of the game and also poses a great risk to the game environment and the security of your own account. The operation team of "War of GAMA" is committed to continuously optimizing the game experience and creating a fair, just, and healthy game environment. For any account with inappropriate game behavior, once checked, we will take strict measures to deal with it.

Inappropriate game behaviors include below, but are not limited to:

1) Install and use third-party software that can disrupt the game balance of "War of GAMA".

2) Modify the game program and use loopholes to seek game benefits.

3) Deliberately exploiting the loopholes of the game to make illegal profits many times.

4) The same player (or the same network IP, or the same physical address) registers or logs in a large number of account characters.

Consequences of misconduct:

Penalties include but are not limited to: Accounts that detect inappropriate game behavior will be warned, prohibited, temporary banned, or even permanently banned according to the situation (even if you have used formal channels to charge your account, the account still risks being permanently banned for violating our Terms of Service). In particularly serious cases, the official reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility.

Operation team declaration:

The official operation team will continue to investigate, collect and monitor all behaviors that affect the fairness of the game, and deal with the accounts that affect the game environment according to the severity. We hope that everyone should avoid inappropriate behavior, so as not to affect the game experience of you and others, and cause unnecessary losses. A good game environment needs us to maintain together. If any inappropriate game behavior is found, please report it through the in-game customer service or directly contact the game customer service center.

3. Avoid buying and selling accounts and sharing game accounts!

There are a lot of unscrupulous scammers on the Internet who target gamers. Some scammers use account trading, illegal charging, and maliciously obtain player accounts, which leads to incidents such as account deception, theft, and account disputes that make other players take a lot of losses.

Consequences of misconduct:

Buying and selling accounts and sharing game accounts cannot ensure the security of the account. Sharing game accounts can easily lead to accidents such as hacking and the destruction of items. Private account trading may bring losses to both parties. In order to avoid such incidents, players are also requested not to buy or sell accounts. Please cherish your accounts and do not conduct account trading in private.

Operation team declaration:

"War of GAMA" does not support and opposes account private trading and account sharing. We will not support or guarantee any problems arising from this type of private account trading and account sharing and will take necessary protective measures against the impact of the game. We recommend that bind your account to your own mobile phone. When you find out your account seems abnormal, you can change the password in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

4. Please respect others!

We hope that the game will bring joy and pleasure to all players. There is cooperation as well as competition in the game. It's normal to have arguments, but exchanging insults can make the game less fun. Any bullying, discrimination, obscene language, or insulting behavior is not tolerated. No matter how you communicate in the game, we sincerely hope that everyone will respect each other. This requirement also applies to character and blood pledge names and descriptions.

Consequences of misconduct:

Frequent harassment, discrimination, indecency, or insulting words and actions are considered violations of the rules of conduct of the game and can result in a temporary ban or warning, prohibiting chatting, and permanent ban.

Operation team declaration:

Report it! If you encounter other players insulting you or others, please report to us through the in-game customer service system or directly contact the game customer service center. We have special supervisors to review the reported content, and then take corresponding measures.

5. Other unacceptable behaviors!

Other unacceptable behaviors include but are not limited to:

1) Impersonating WOG GM

2) Use the chat channel to send unofficial announcements or marketing advertisements

3) Encouraging others to violate the regulations

Operation team declaration:

The official hereby reiterates that it will not ask players for personal account information in any name in the game. Players, please pay attention to account protection, and beware of being deceived, once you encounter suspicious people, you can report it to the game customer service in time! In addition, encouraging others to violate the rules can lead to the same consequences as the violator.

Our account security and fair play policies apply to all regional versions of War of GAMA.

Thank you for your interest in account security and fair play!



"War of GAMA" Operation Team