Stopping Top Up in the Early Access Server and Rebate Distribution Instructions 2023.04.03

"War of GAMA" will officially launch on April 6th at 11:00 AM (UTC+8)! We appreciate your love and support for "War of GAMA." Please note that our Test Server will not be shut down, but the recharge service will be temporarily suspended, starting from April 4th at 4:00 PM (UTC+8). You can continue to enjoy playing the game on the Test Server, but please be advised that recharging will not be available during this time. Thank you for your understanding.


1. Adventurers who topped up during the CB can choose to transfer the stored value to the official server after its opening. Since the official server will use the latest currency-to-diamond ratio, we will calculate the total amount of your stored value in the pre-release server, and give you back 120% of the diamonds you can buy in the official server with the same amount; Time gems will be distributed in the form of Buy 5 Get 6 (if there is less than 5, it will be distributed 1:1).
2. After the official OB is opened, please contact customer service and provide the character information of the TEST Server, confirm your stored value and rebate amount, and then provide the character information of the official server for reward distribution.
3. The rebate will be sent to your official server character within 15 working days, please pay attention to the in-game mail.

1. The data of the TEST Server and the OB server are not the same.
2. Bonus points obtained by topping up in the TEST Server will not be granted to the OB server.
3. The portion of time gems less than 5 will be distributed at a ratio of 1:1.

Player A tops NTD$1,000 in the TEST Server and gets 1,600 diamonds; after the OB starts, ratio changes to NTD$1 = 2.2 diamonds. When the player applies to transfer diamonds to the OB server, he/she will get 1000*2.2*120%= 2640 diamonds.

Player A buys 7 time gems in the TEST Server. When the player applies to transfer to the OB server, 6+2=8 will be issued, and the part that is less than 5 will be issued at a ratio of 1:1.

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