[War of GAMA] 4/7 Maintenance Announcement 2023.04.07

Dear adventurer,

The server maintenance has been completed and you can now log in to the game normally. If you encounter any problems, please contact customer service!

Maintenance content:


Fixed the issue with system emails.

Fixed the issue where purchased items disappeared when the backpack was full (players who encountered this problem before can contact customer service for assistance).

Fixed the incorrect description of the "Mana Recovery Potion" item (the correct effect is 300 seconds).

Fixed the issue where clicking on the "Auto battle  Privilege Card" item details could not be used.

Fixed the issue with the abnormal consumption of KC when synthesizing cards.

【Compensation for this maintenance】

Haste Potions * 20, Haste Potions II *10,  Experience Potions*6 (10%).