4/20 Maintenance Update announcement 2023.04.19

Dear adventurer

The official server will undergo maintenance on 4/20 15:00-18:00 (UTC+8). During this time, player will not be able to log in , register or top up . The maintenance may be delayed or completed earlier than expected. Please up offline auto-battle mode and continue leveling up and collection equipment during the maintenance.

Maintain time4/20 15:00-18:00(UTC+8)

Maintain contact

New Added

1.New AddedMysterious merchant


Players with characters above level 20, the portal of the mysterious merchant will appear every Saturday night at 8 pm. The location of the portal will be randomly generated on one of the outdoor maps. If there is a portal in the current map, players can see its location on the map. By entering the portal, the mysterious goblin merchant will present players with a selection of discounted items. Don't miss out on this opportunity, fellow adventurers!

Time limited DungeonForbidden Tower

Entrance levelLv50 or above

Duration 8 hours every week (can be charge by using Forbidden Tower Energy stone)

Reset timeEvery Monday 05:00UTC+8

EntranceClick on Menu -Dungeon-Limited Dungeon-Click on enter to join [Forbidden Tower]

Level Cap3rd Floor

New added Adventurer Diamond Fortune Box

Sale time2023/04/20 After maintenance~

It will be announcement before remove.

2.  New added【Moulden’s Value Package

Sale time:2023/04/20 After maintenance~2023/04/27 05:00(UTC+8

3.  New added【Black diamond Value Package】

Sale time:2023/04/20 after maintenance~2023/04/27 05:00(UTC+8

New added【Black diamond value Package】Limited event craft

The event store has added item crafting. You can use "Card Choice Scroll Fragment" to craft the following items.

4.  New added【Aegwynn Advanced Card Combination Package】

Sale Time:2023/04/22 維護後~2023/04/29 05:00UTC+8

【Unique Morph card Choice Scroll(Aegwynn)】

【Unique Morph Choice Card(Aegwynn)】

【Unique Summoned spirit choice Card(Aegwynn)】

5.  Bonus store new added【Bonus lucky box】

Sale time:2023/04/22 05:00~2023/04/29 05:00UTC+8

Fix & Optimize

1. Fixed the bug where "Keen Bow" cannot switch crafting materials to "Unique Weapon Craft Scroll" properly.

2. Fixed the issue with the abnormal experience calculation for Secret Garden capture points.

3. Fixed the skill effect of "Efficient Cast" to match its description.

4. Fixed the issue where the number of decomposition agents would stack every time it was clicked, leading to abnormal results after decomposition.

5. Fixed the issue with the English version of the regional map interface where random boss levels and times would overlap.

6. Fixed the language error when listing items on the Korean version of the marketplace.

7. Fixed the issue with the incorrect display of preview items for Brave Hunter rewards.

8. Fixed the problem with the abnormal deduction of loot cave plundering attempts.

9. Fixed the issue with the abnormality in the Oracle mission list.

10. Adjusted the descriptions of the following items to match their skill descriptions.

Battle Manual (Holy Royal)Knight's Training (Holy Power)Knight's Training (Ultimate Defense)Knight's Training (Fitness)Paladin's Guidebook (Holy Hammer)Elven Handbook (Forest Blessing)Elven Handbook (Extreme Dodge)Mage's Spell book (Mana Shield)Magician's Notes (Magic Bonus)Magician's Notes (Magic Focus)Incantation Book (Rapid Cooldown) Chronicle of Spells (Evasion Mastery)"

1.Optimized the victory pop-up interface for team dungeons.

【Maintenance rewards】

Food box (Small)*15、Haste potion II*15、Experiment potion(10%)*10

Can be claimed in-game mailbox after maintenance.。
※ Depending on the progress of the maintenance, the maintenance time may be extended or the server may be opened earlier. Please pay attention to the latest announcements.