5/11 Maintenance and Update Announcement 2023.05.11

5/11 Maintain Announcement

Dear adventurer:

Official maintenance will be carried out from 15:00-17:00 (UTC+8) on 05/11. During this time, adventurers will not be able to log in, register, or make deposits. The maintenance may be delayed or completed earlier, so adventurers are advised to set up offline mode and continue leveling up and equipping during the maintenance period.

Time:05/11 15:00-17:00(UTC+8)


1.【Added】New add【Dragon Bone】Limited time dungeon

Event time:2023.05.11 After maintain~2023.05.25 Before maintain(UTC+8)

Event contant:【Dragon Bone】Limited-time event instance, players can enter for 1 hour each day. Killing monsters in the Dragonbone Cave will drop special event items called "Dragon Bone Fragment" (Event), which can be entered by players after reaching level 30.Players can use "Dragon Bone Fragment " to exchange various rewards at the event merchant.

2.Added【Tower of Ordeals】-First season

Opening time:2023.05.11 After maintain~2023.06.08 Before maintain(UTC+8)

Game Rule:

  1. After reaching level 50, characters can participate in the Tower of Ordeals and win rich rewards by completing daily challenges and clearing floors.

  2. Regardless of the result, players can challenge 5 floors of the Tower of Ordeals daily, and each floor can only be cleared once a day. Players can clear a maximum of 5 floors per day.

  3. The 5th floor of every 10 floors contains a treasure chest reward, the 10th floor is a boss challenge, and the other floors are monster trials.

  4. Different types of floor challenges require different tasks, and each floor has corresponding rewards for clearing it.

  5. Players can use the raid function to directly claim floor rewards after successfully challenging a floor.

  6. Successfully challenging a floor in the Trial Tower can earn players (Trial Token).

  7. (Trial Token) can be used to purchase goods from the Trial Agent.

Contant introduct:

  1. Introduction to Tower of Ordeals Floors:

Monster Trial:Challenge success is achieved by killing a certain number of monsters within a limited time. Exceeding the time limit, quitting, or being killed are considered as challenge failures.

Chest rewards: Successfully opening the chest is considered as a challenge success. Exceeding the time limit is considered as a challenge failure.

Boss challenge: There are no small monsters on the boss floor. Defeating the boss within the limited time is considered as a challenge success. Exceeding the time limit, quitting, or being killed are considered as challenge failures.

  1. Battle rules:

During the challenge, items and recovery skills cannot be used, only attack skills are allowed

  1. Season Introduction:

Each season lasts for 28 days, and the progress of the Tower of Ordeals will be reset at the beginning of each new season.

3.Added new NPC merchant【Trial Agent】

You can use Trial Coins to purchase items at the Trial Agent. The list of available items is as follows:

Added【Trial Agent】prestige

【The Tower of Ordeals Loot Chest】

【Blessed Enhancement Scroll Selection Box】

【Unique Armor Chest (The Tower of Ordeals)】

【Epic Armor Chest (The Tower of Ordeals)】

4.New gameplay【Warrior Arena】


  1. After reaching level 30, players can participate in the Warrior Arena Challenge and gain reputation, improve their rank, and win rich rewards by engaging in 1v1 duels with other players.;

  2. There are 5 chances to participate in the Warrior Arena Challenge every day. Each time, players can choose a character with similar reputation to battle . Regardless of the outcome, players can earn "Warrior Coins." Winning battles will increase reputation, while losing battles will decrease reputation;

  3. Players can initiate a revenge challenge against opponents who have defeated them, which also consumes one of the daily challenge opportunities. Regardless of the outcome, each player can only initiate a revenge challenge once.;

  4. 【Warrior Coin】can be used to purchase the folliwing items at Arena merchant.

Battle rule:

  1. During the challenge, items and recovery skills cannot be used, only attack skills are allowed;

  2. Each battle has a time limit, and if the opponent is not defeated within the time limit, the challenger will be judged as losing.

Tournament Format Introduction:

  1. Each season lasts for 14 days, and at the beginning of each season, the player's reputation will reset to the initial 1000 points.

  2. To be ranked in the season, players must participate in a sufficient number of matches, and their ranking will be calculated based on their reputation.

  3. Different levels of reputation correspond to different titles.


Seasonal Daily Rewards: Rewards that can be obtained by participating in a certain number of matches daily during the season.

Seasonal Title Rewards: Rewards that can be obtained each time a new title is achieved during the season. The rewards will be reset after the season ends, and they can be obtained regardless of the ranking.

Seasonal Ranking Rewards: Only characters who have achieved a ranking during the season can receive seasonal ranking rewards. These rewards will be distributed after the season ends and can be used throughout the next season.

5.Added NPC Merchant【Arena Commander】

【Warrior Coin】can be used to purchase the  following items at Arena Commander.

Added【Arena Commander】prestige

Added Warrior Arena Season ranked rewards

6.Added【Daily check-in:Special Event

Event period:2023.05.11 After maintain~2023.06.10 05:00(UTC+8)

Event contant:During the event period, players can receive daily sign-in rewards and cumulative sign-in rewards. Daily sign-in rewards can be claimed up to the 14th day.

【Special Event box】

7.New add event pack【Hundred Draw Festival (Morph)Supply pack】

Sales period:2023.05.11 After maintain~2023.05.18 05:00(UTC+8)

8.New add event pack【Aegwynn Enhancement Supply Package】

Sales period:2023.05.11 After maintain~2023.05.18 05:00(UTC+8)

9.New add event pack【David Battle Supply Package】

Sales period:2023.05.11 After maintain~2023.05.18 05:00(UTC+8)

10.Added craft

【Epic Armor selection box 】

You can choose one item to obtain from the contents upon activation.

【Unique morph Selection Card (The Tower of Ordeals)】

【Hero morph Selection Card (The Tower of Ordeals)】

11.Added Skill Book Store item

12.Added Blood Pledge Store Items

13.Added Bounty Hunter Store Items

14.Added Essence Cave Store Items

15.Adjusted Essence Cave Store Items

Fix and optimize

1.Fixed the issue where the skill "Life Expansion" did not work in PVP environments.

2.Fixed the issue where "One-Click Purchase" could by cross reputation level restrictions and purchase locked items.

3.Fixed the issue where clicking on gold in the reputation reward preview would cause an abnormal details popup.

4.Fixed the issue where skill books dropped in maps and time-limited dungeons default to being bound.

5.Fixed the issue where there was a chance of abnormal sign-in rewards in Blood Pledge sign-in.

6.Fixed the issue where the trade market displayed an abnormal minimum price.

7.Fixed the issue where some items had abnormal acquisition locations.

8.Fixed the issue where the text description for purchasing plunder attempts in the Essence Cave was incorrect.

9.Fixed the issue where the quantity ratio of advanced reputation items being made into lower-tier reputation items was incorrect.

10.Adjusted the attributes: overall increase in HP and MP upon leveling up; greater differences in HP and MP between different professions, making profession differentiation more apparent.

11.Adjusted equipment attributes: increased the values for Max HP and Max MP on all equipment; increased the number of attribute entries for heroes and higher quality equipment.

12. Adjusted weapon attributes: clarified the cultivation direction of different weapons, such as PVP or PVE, accuracy or damage, and added a new attribute  for "Undead Damage Bonus" for undead monsters.

13.Adjusted skill values: adjusted the MP cost for damage skills.

14.Adjusted the order of icons in the main menu interface.

15.Adjusted the level requirement for purchasing "Haste stone" in the Blood Pledge store to level 5 and above, limited to 5 per day.

16.Added related items to Blood Pledge benefits.

17.Optimized the Oracle mission: lowered the difficulty of the Oracle mission obtained through the beginner guide scroll.

18.Optimized the AFK setting: new characters will not automatically check "AFK after completing a task" by default to prevent beginner players from automatically attacking high-level monsters nearby and getting killed。

19.Optimized team dungeon prompts: added prompts and guidance for team dungeons.

20.Due to the adjustment of the basic attributes of each profession for balance purposes, we have modified the effect of the Mage's "Magic Enhancement" skill to add +1 per level, and the effect of the Knight's "Life Expansion" skill to add +5 per level.

【For detailed information about the event, please visit our official website or fan page.】

【Maintain Rewards 】

Food box (s)*15、Haste potion II*15、Experience potion(10%)*10

Can be received in mail after maintain.

※ The maintenance time may be extended or the server may be opened earlier depending on the situation. Please pay attention to the latest announcements.