5/11 Service Resumption 2023.05.11

"Dear adventurers,

The server maintenance has been completed. Please refer to the maintenance notice for details. Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you have any questions, please contact customer service. Have a pleasant game!

[Special Note]
The crafting interface incorrectly displays the attributes of "Elven Coat" and "Concealing Hood" as Magic Attack +50. The actual attribute displayed in the equipment interface is Magic Limit +50. Please follow the attributes displayed in the equipment interface.
[Maintenance Compensation]: Food box(small) x25, Haste Potion II x25, Experience Potion (10%) x16
[Revised Rewards]Advanced Spirit Card Coupon (6EA)*1,Rare Morph Card Coupon (6EA)*1,Normal Weapon Enhancement Scroll*1,Normal Armor Enhancement Scroll*2

Best regards,
War of GAMA Operations Team
May 11, 2023"