Brand new chapter 1: The origin of killing, waiting for you to fight! 2023.12.04

Dear warriors, "War of GAMA" is about to open a new adventure chapter! In this update, we not only bring shocking real-time synchronized PVP, but also prepare more exciting game content for you:

1. Real-time competition, winner takes all:
We understand players' love for combat, so real-time synchronized PVP will allow you to experience the most realistic thrill of combat. Only the strong can be king here!

2. Team adventure and share glory:
The team function is now online, inviting you to challenge many difficulties with your friends. In teamwork, you will feel the joy of brothers fighting together and sharing glory.

3. Unfettered battle stage:
The branches of the world map will become free PK areas, and the appearance of BOSS will ignite the flames of war. How will you defend your glory in this endless battle?

4. Rare BOSS, precious loot:
World BOSS and elite monsters will appear in every corner of the world from time to time, and they will carry top-notch equipment and rare props. Prepare your best and join the fight for the loot!

5. Skill innovation and soaring combat power:
We have comprehensively revamped the skill system, and new skills and combinations will greatly enhance the combat power of adventurers. Become a true master in controlling the battlefield!

Dear warriors, "War of GAMA" is calling you! In this world full of challenges and opportunities, let us work side by side and write our own legendary story together!