12/06 Maintenance Announcement 2023.12.06

Dear adventurer:
The official website will be shut down for maintenance on 12/06 17:00-19:00 (UTC+8). At that time, adventurers will not be able to log in, register and store value. The maintenance may be delayed or completed in advance. Adventurers are advised to set up offline settings. , you can continue to upgrade and equip your equipment during the maintenance period. If you want to know more details about the following content, please go to the official fan group or official website.

Maintenance content:
1. Fixed the situation where some players were unable to complete tasks.
2. Fixed the issue of duplicates when adding friends.
3. Fixed the issue where the oracle scroll dropped abnormally in the wild.
4. Fixed the problem that monsters on maps above level 50 would not drop equipment.
5. Fixed the problem of incomplete display of system messages in multiple languages when the wild BOSS appears.
6. Fixed the problem that the King of the Wild would not drop anything.
7. Fixed the problem that the main menu button does not display
8. Fixed the problem of abnormal scanning function

※ Depending on the operation situation, the maintenance time may be extended or the server may be opened earlier. Please pay attention to the latest announcements.