12/08 Maintenance completion announcement 2023.12.08

Dear adventurer:
At present, the server maintenance has been completed (19:15 UTC+8), and you can enter the game normally. After logging in to the game, you can receive the compensation for this maintenance in your mailbox. I wish you a happy game!

Compensation content:
Food box*1, haste potion*10, experience potion (10%)*6
Maintenance content:
1. Fixed the problem of continuous refresh of the wild elite monster - Heroic Knight Ultra.
2. Fixed the problem that the wild leader was not refreshed after being killed.
3. Fixed the issue where the amount displayed abnormally on the exchange homepage
4. Fixed the problem of abnormal display when the offline backpack is full.
5. Fixed the problem that new equipment cannot be put on the trading bank
6. Fixed the problem of no dropped items being displayed on the power saving mode page.
7. Adjusted outdoor routes to support PK across all routes
8. Optimized and adjusted the drop rate of elite monsters and leader monsters
9. Fixed the problem that the Oracle mission notice board did not display the mission content.
10. Adjusted the race of the temple ruins monster [Withered Necromancer Skull] and [Disheartened Necromancer Skeleton] to [Undead]
11.Fixed the problem of abnormal leader name caused by scanning
12. Optimized the display performance of monsters on the scanning panel, and distinguished the icons and name colors of ordinary monsters, elite monsters, and leader monsters.
13. Fixed the issue where system prompts would appear when killing elite monsters.