Morph (EN) 2023.01.05

Players in the game can not only use items to improve the character's own stats, but also can get a significant improvement by using a morph scroll to "morph". But, remember - morphs have a certain time limit, and you can view the details in the Buff information in the upper left corner.

The morph system is divided into five parts: Morph Card list, Fusion, Codex, Reroll and quick bar.

【Morph Card】
1. Morph Cards are divided into four qualities: white, green, blue, and red. The red quality is the rarest, and its attributes are also the most powerful, which can offer the most help to players.
2. Each morph card has a unique appearance and different bonus attributes, such as increasing attack speed, increasing movement speed, increasing casting speed, etc. The higher-level morph cards have more ability bonuses, but the corresponding chances are also lower.
3. Players can click on the morph card to view its attributes or to use the card

Every 4 morph cards of the same rank can be "fused" once. The fusion result is random, there is a chance to fuse into a morph card of a higher level, and it is also possible to fuse a morph card of the same level. Starting from the fusion of blue cards into red cards, after a certain number of fusion attempts, you can receive a guaranteed bonus morph card, see the bottom right of the fusion menu  for details [ ! ]

Morph cards collected in a specific combination will be displayed in the Codex and will have additional ability bonuses. The more morph cards collected, the stronger the player will become.

When a player obtains a red or higher-level transformation card, he will not directly enter the morph card list, but will enter the 【Reroll】 interface. If the player does not want the morph card or already has it, they can spend diamonds to reroll it. Each consecutive reroll costs more diamonds than the last, and rerolls can only be attempted 5 times for each card.
Players can use the [ ! ]to accept the morph card that appears, but the transformation card will not enter your inventory until you click Confirm.

You can set frequently used morphs in the "Quick Bar" menu, and then directly use a morph scroll to quickly use the desired morph.

【Cancel Morph】
There are two ways to cancel a morph
1.Click [Morph Scroll], select [Cancel Morph]

2.Click [Level] in the upper left corner, select the fourth button under the equipment column, click the [Morph Card] icon, and select [Cancel Morph]