Chat (EN) 2023.01.05

The chat button is at the bottom of the main interface, players can chat with other players here
1. Channels are divided into [World Cross Server] [Secret Words] [Blood Pledge] [All]
2. [World cross-server] requires the character level to reach level 45 to open
3. [Private Messaging] You need to enter the names of other players accurately before you can start chatting; press [Cancel] and when the input box changes to [Enter Player Name] again, you can choose other players to chat with
4. You can also click on the player's name on the [Ranking] [Friends] interface and select [Secret Words] to chat with other players one-on-one.
5. [Blood Alliance] chat with members of the Blood Pledge
6. [All] is to chat with all players in the public channel

1. Setting shortcut words can facilitate quick communication with others when copying or other special situations
2. In the [Chat] interface, click on the [Smile], click on the quick chat content that needs to be sent, and you can send it
3. If you need to set the content of the shortcut, click the quill icon below to add content; click the "-" on the left side of the [Shortcut] sign to delete the content of the shortcut. After setting, click "√ "Setting complete

Chat Settings
1.Chat settings can set the displayed chat content, including [system information] and [world cross-server] [blood pledge chat] [all] chat information
2.You can also set [Blood Pledge Greeting] and [Quick Greeting]
3.You can also view blocked players, blocked players cannot communicate with you.