Quest (EN) 2023.01.05

Quests are an important way to lead players to fully understand the game. With the completion of missions, players can gradually understand the War of Gama world, and obtain various items and the most important experience needed.

The task system is divided into four parts, main task, oracle task, achievement and daily.

Main Quest
The main quest is one of the main sources of experience. After completing the main mission, players can gain experience to upgrade their level. One of the main goals of the player is to clear the main quests.

oracle quest
1. After completing the oracle mission, you can get experience, oracle coins and random rewards.
2. The oracle coins can be exchanged for items at the oracle merchant.

3. Players can find the NPC "Oracle Angel" who issues oracle missions in the city, accept 10 missions from the NPC every day, switch between missions in different regions in the lower left corner, and refresh the mission list with gold coins.

4. Players can also use gold coins to buy oracle scrolls in the exchange of the Marketplace, use and accept oracle tasks, different oracle scrolls have different task rewards, players can purchase according to their own needs.

1. Players can reach certain goals in the game, and they can complete achievements to receive rewards.
2. Each achievement can only be completed once.
3. After completing some achievements and receiving rewards, the next stage of achievement tasks will be triggered.
4. On the right side of the achievement, you can view the achievement conditions.

1.  You can get a lot of gold coins by completing daily tasks.
2. Daily tasks are divided into daily, weekly and monthly tasks.