Store & Merchants (EN) 2023.01.05


The items sold in the store can provide various help for the progress of the game and the growth of characters, and some products will have certain purchase restrictions.

1. The store sells various items, draw cards, packs and other commodities.
2. [Packs] In the interface, you can purchase various gift packages to improve your own strength. There are various items in each pack, such as strengthening scrolls, potions, treasure chests, weapons, morph cards, summoned spirits, gold leaves, etc. Players can click on the items to view the details and purchase gift packs according to their needs.

3. [Draw Card] In the interface, you can buy single pulls and 11 consecutive pulls of morph cards and summoned spirits.

4. In the [Common] interface, you can purchase special items, such as elf badges that can be used to unlock character slots.

5. [Market] can be purchased with gold coins. The exchange is divided into [Gold Store] [Draw Card] [Oracle Scroll]. You can buy enhanced scrolls, charge stones for dungeon time, and engraved equipment in the gold coin shop, but the number of purchases is limited every day.

6. [Draw Card] interface, you can use gold coins to buy morph cards and summoned spirit card pulls, but there are level restrictions and daily purchase quantity restrictions.

7. [Oracle Scroll] interface can purchase various scroll props that can trigger oracle missions. The rewards of each oracle mission are different, and players can purchase according to their own needs.


There will be merchant NPCs in all major towns, selling things to players
1. [Grocery Merchant] Sell some potions, scrolls, food, etc.
2. [Equipment Merchant] Sell some weapon accessories
3. [SkillBook Merchant] Sells skill books
4. [Recycling Merchant] You can recycle useless items for gold coins
5. [Oracle Merchant] You can use the oracle coins obtained in the oracle missions to purchase skills
6. [Blood Pledge Merchant] You can use honor coins to buy some rare items, such as morph card coupons, haste gems, etc., but you need to join a blood pledge to buy, and some items can only be purchased with a high enough level of the blood pledge.
7. [Essence Merchant] You can use essences to purchase essence stones, enhanced scrolls and summoned spirit coupons, but there is a daily purchase limit
8. [Bounty Merchant] You can use bounty coins to buy various enhanced scrolls
Players who want to find these merchants can click on the map in the upper right corner and select NPC to perform automatic pathfinding