Codex (EN) 2023.01.05

The codex system in the game is divided into pet codex, morph card codex and equipment codex (equipment codex are also called collections). Complete the collection of specific combination Codex, and you can get permanent attribute bonuses.

Spirit & Morph Card Codex
1. Obtaining a morph card or pet for the first time will add it to the Codex.
2. Collecting a specific combination of morph cards and spirits will have additional ability bonuses. The effect of the Codex a permanent ability value, which helps to improve the combat effectiveness of the character.

3. Morph cards and summoned spirit codex be filtered and viewed according to ability value, attack type, defense type, and auxiliary type, which is convenient for players to find. You can also view the current collection rate of Morph cards, summoned spirits, Codex, as well as the current Codex  bonus.


"Codexes" are the Codex of equipment. Divided into Bound, non-bound and active Codex. Binding Codex only features bound equipment, non-bound Codex only features non-bound equipment, and event Codex only features event items.

1. The three categories of Codex can be filtered to view different types of bonuses, which are divided into four types: ability value, attack type, defense type, and other type. At the same time, you can also check the completion rate of your own Codex through statistics.
2. To activate the equipment codex,  you need to register the equipment. After the equipment is registered, the equipment will be deleted. Therefore, if other entries need the same equipment, you need to obtain or make the equipment again and log it in.
For example: both "Glittering Helmet Collector" and "Archer Advanced Set" are needed to register "Stealth Hood". If you register "Stealth Hood" in "Shiny Helmet Collector", the equipment will be destroyed, and "Stealth Hood" of "Advanced Set" will not be activated.