Blood Pledge (EN) 2023.01.05

Blood Pledge is a system that allows like-minded players to gather together and enjoy the game.
Joining a blood pledge can get buff effects and sign-in rewards. As the blood pledge continues to grow, members can get more benefits.
When the character reaches level 20 or above, they can join or create a blood pledge. Creating a blood pledge requires 100 diamonds.

Blood Pledge information

1.On the main interface of the blood pledge, you can see the current number, ranking, level and experience of the blood pledge. You can also view the current hostile blood pledges and the allied blood pledges.

2."Events" will record the behavior of blood pledge members in the blood pledge, such as joining, quitting, etc.

3."Donation" is based on the donation of blood pledge members' own resources, divided into gold coin donation and diamond donation, and can get blood pledge experience, honor coins and gold leaves. The higher the donation amount, the richer the rewards will be. At the same time, donating can increase the experience value of the blood pledge. If you want to improve the blood pledge quickly, please don't forget to donate. Donations can only be made 3 times per day and reset at 5am every day.

4.In the "Members" interface below, you can view all the members of the blood pledge, their positions, donations, etc., which is convenient for the leader to manage.

5."Manage" can be modified by the president to join the settings, introduction and announcements. If ordinary members of the blood pledge want to quit the blood pledge, they can also do so here. However, it takes 24 hours to rejoin the new blood pledge after quitting the blood pledge. During this period, the blood pledge buff cannot be obtained, so please be careful.

Blood Pledge Ranking You can view the current ranking of all Blood Pledges in the server and the location of your Blood Pledge.

After joining the blood pledge, players can enjoy the unique attribute bonuses of the blood pledge. The higher the level of the blood pledge, the richer the attribute bonuses will be, and more "blood pledge store" products will be opened.


"Blood Pledge Training Ground"
1. After joining the blood Pledge, the player can enter the blood Pledge training ground of the blood Pledge;
2. Every time you enter the blood Pledge training ground, you need to pay a certain amount of honor coins;
3. In the blood Pledge practice ground, two different quality items "Otherworldly Scroll" can be used to summon powerful boss enemies, and other blood Pledge members can enter the blood Pledge practice field at the same time to challenge with a barrel;
4. When the summoned enemy dies, the players who participated in the kill and are in the current blood Pledge training ground will receive the alien treasure chest reward;
5. When there are no players in the blood Pledge training ground, the dungeon will be reset, and the summoned enemies will disappear immediately;
6. The enemies summoned by the otherworldly scroll have a maximum time limit of 6 hours. If the enemy is not killed after the time of the enemy's appearance is over, even if there are always players in the blood Pledge training field, the enemy will take the initiative for an hour;
7. Players who died in the blood Pledge training field will be resurrected in Celestial City

"Vengeful Warden Luke"
1. Players can once again challenge the mighty Lord Luke through blood pledge;
2. The Vengeful Warden Luke is more powerful than normal, please lead the crusade in a planned way under the leadership of the blood pledge;
3. Only people with prestige in the blood alliance are eligible to open the entrance to the instance where Warden Luke is located. To open the portal, you need to pay a certain amount of honor coins;
4. The portal will only last for a while, please hurry up and attack the leader;
5. Different from the bravery hunt, if you are defeated in the dungeon, you cannot return to the dungeon again, and every member of the blood pledge needs to do their best;
6. When all players are defeated or exiting the instance leaves no players in the instance, the instance will reset. As long as the dungeon entrance is not closed, players can organize teams to challenge again;
7. Players who are defeated in the dungeon will be resurrected in Celestial City.

Blood Pledge Merchant
Players can find blood pledge merchants in towns after obtaining honor coins. Consuming honor coins can be exchanged for various items, and more commodities can be unlocked by upgrading blood pledge levels.