Spirit 2023.01.05

The summoned spirit is the best partner to accompany the player to assist the player in exploring and fighting. Players need to consume the summoned spirit scroll to summon the summoned spirit. The summoned spirit will disappear after a period of time. For details, see the Buff information in the upper left corner of the main interface.

The summoning system is divided into five parts: summoning list, fusion, codex, replacement and quick login

【List of summoned spirits】
1. Summoned spirits are divided into four qualities: white, green, blue, and red. The red quality is the rarest summoned spirit, and its attributes are also the most luxurious and rich, which can bring the greatest help to players.
2. Summoned spirits can not only provide various combat buffs, such as increased long-distance damage, long-distance hit, etc., but also other additional buffs, such as increased experience gained, reduced gold leaf consumption, etc.
3. Players can click the summoned spirit to view the attributes of the summoned spirit, or directly summon


Every 4 summoned spirits of the same level can be "Fused" once. The fusion result is random, there is a chance to fuse a summoned spirit of a higher level, and it is also possible to synthesize a summoned spirit of the same level. Starting from the combination of blue cards and red cards, after a certain number of times of fusions, you can receive a guaranteed reward summoned spirit. For details, please check the bottom right of the interface [ ! ]


The summoned spirit codex requires the player to obtain all the summoning spirits corresponding to each codex to activate, so the more types of summoning spirits the player obtains, the more bonuses that are obtained by the codex. Every time a codex is activated, a bonus can be added.


When the player obtains a red summoning spirit or above, he will directly enter the redraw interface. If the summoned spirit player does not want or already has it, they can spend diamonds to replace it. The more redraw times, the more it will cost, and it can only be redrawn 5 times.
Players can use the [ ! ] Confirm the summoned spirit that appears, but the summoned spirit will not enter your inventory until you click Confirm.


Players can quickly log in the summoned spirits that are frequently summoned. After that, you can quickly summon the summoned spirit by directly using the summoned spirit scroll.

【Cancel summon】

There are two ways to cancel a summon:
1.Click [ Scroll of Summoned Spirit ] and select [ Unsummon ]
2.Click [ Level ] in the upper left corner, select the fourth button under the equipment bar, click the [Summon] icon, and select [Unsummon]