Enhance (EN) 2023.01.05

1.Long-press a piece of equipment you wish to enhance and press Enhance to enter the enhancement menu.

2.Enhancement requires Enhancement Scrolls and coins.

3.Weapons, equipment, and accessories all have corresponding enhancement scrolls. In addition, there are three types of enhancement scrolls: Common, Blessed, and Cursed.
a. Normal Enhancement scroll: Levels upgraded by successful enhancement +1
b. Blessed Enhancement Scroll: Levels upgraded by successful enhancement +1~+3
c. Cursed Enhancement Scroll: Use to decrease enhancement level by 1

4.There’s a chance of success and a chance of failure when enhancing. The piece of equipment being enhanced will disappear on enhancement failure.

5.Different kinds of equipment require different kinds of enhancement scrolls. Different pieces of equipment have different amounts of safe enhancement levels.
The higher level the equipment is, the more powerful the bonus attributes. New bonus attributes may even appear.

① Safe enhancement level cap
②「Enhancement Details」Click here to see bonus attributes for each enhancement level

①Enhancement chance
②Attributes and safe enhancement level after enhancement
③Select the equipment you’d like to enhance
④Select an enhancement scroll to use

8.Safe equipment enhancement has a 100% chance of success. After reaching the safety enhancement level cap, each successive enhancement has a danger of failure and item destruction.

9. Multi-Enhancement means that the more of the same type of equipment can be added at the same time, and the equipment can be increased to the same enhancement level. To use this function, equipment must be compatible with the same kind of scroll.
①Select Multi-Enhance
②Select the equipment you’d like to enhance
③Select the scroll you’d like to use
④ Set the enhancement target and see the number of required scrolls
⑤Strengthen buttons and required gold coins