Inventory(EN) 2023.01.05

Inventory can hold all the props and equipment of all players. Players can use props, wear or remove equipment, set shortcut bars and other operations in Inventory.

1.Long press the item to view the equipment properties and perform other operations

2.The worn equipment will still be displayed in Inventory, and [E] will be displayed in the upper left corner
3.To set the shortcut bar, just click on the item in the inventory that needs to be set, and then click the shortcut bar below to set it successfully

4.To cancel the item in the shortcut bar, just open Inventory, click on the item or skill that has been set in the shortcut bar, and then click the [x] that appears to cancel

5.Inventory can be viewed by category, divided into all, equipment, items, and others, which is convenient for players to view props
6.There are four options in players' inventories to help them organize.
①「Group Deletion」- Make a selection of items in your backpack to delete. Players can also set automatic deletions to be made depending on item rarity.
②「Common Dismantle」- Consume Dismantler to dismantle a selection of items and, in turn, get materials.
③「Rare Dismantle」 - Consumes Advanced dismantler (Not yet available)
④「Organize」 - Helps players organize the order of the items in their inventory