List of Daily Benefits 2023.03.31

List of Daily Benefits

"War of GAMA" is a classic RPG mobile game, recreating high-end quality games, innovative one-handed operations, blood pledge system, BOSS battles, and hardcore dungeons. Bringing the dark fantasy into reality and satisfying all your expectations for RPG! Daily free resources in the game are abundant, all adventurers must not miss it!

[Daily Check-in]

Adventurers can go to the "Daily Benefits" interface to sign in every day. Not only can obtain Gamma's blessing*600 for free but also can obtain a lot of goodies such as enhancement scrolls, materials, morph cards/summoned spirits card coupons, etc.; Go to the "Blood pledge" sign-in interface and receive honor coins every day. The more players who sign in the blood pledge every day, the more honor coins players will obtain. You can go to the Blood Pledge Merchants to buy morph cards/summoned spirits cards coupons, haste stone, and various class skill books.

[Daily Mail]

During the server launch event, the official team will send level-up-boosting mails every day, and various generous rewards will be issued at 9:00, 12:00, 18:00, and 21:00 every day to help adventurers quickly improve their level and combat power. Log in to the game within 3 hours to claim it, don't miss it!

[Reputation Reward]

Currently, the "Equipment Merchant", "Skill Merchant", "Grocery Merchant", "Oracle Merchant", "Essence Merchant" and "Bounty Merchant" all have a reputation system in the game. The reputation value among merchants; while making good friends with merchants, merchants will also give reward mail every day to help adventurers. When reaching a certain prestige level, the corresponding merchant will provide rich rewards, such as gold coins, enhancement scrolls, arcana parchment, EXP Potion, etc.; equipment, skills, and grocery merchants can also obtain regular customer cards and merchant handbooks, and enter them in the Codexes. After that, you can get the powerful buff of "Increases EXP earning"!


"War of GAMA" has a rich task system, not only daily, weekly, and monthly daily tasks, players can easily obtain a lot of gold coins after completing tasks; Oracle quests also provide rich rewards! Receive oracle quests through the oracle scrolls "dropped in the field" and "Oracle Envoys" (limited to 10 times per day), and players can get gold coins, enhancement scrolls, various materials and equipment; Purchase through the "Mall" exchange accept the oracle quests from the oracle scroll, and have a chance to get high-quality equipment, skill books, a lot of gold coins or crafting materials after completion! The "Daily Mail" will also give away "Battle Oracle Scroll". After completing it, you can not only get a lot of gold coins, oracle coins, and honor coins, but also have a chance to get rewards such as morph scrolls, summoned spirit scrolls, and combat enhance scrolls. Adventurers can grow every time!