Class Introduction: Knight 2023.03.31

Class Introduction: Knight

Knight, with a strong physique and excellent melee attack skills, the holy vanguard with both offensive and defensive skills in the team, if he is approached by him, he will make you suffer!

1. [Character Attributes]: HP ability is outstanding, the main type of damage is close-range damage, it is greatly affected by strength bonus, and has strong continuous combat ability.

2. [Class Skills Introduction]:

1) Active skills:

(1) Offensive type

-Powerful Strike: Single-target skill that slashes the target powerfully to cause damage. (Acquisition: beginner's task)

-Holy Strike: Single-target skill, deals damage to the target, and has a 50% chance to stun the target. (Acquisition: skill merchant reputation Lv.1)

-Holy Hammer: Single-target skill, summon a Hammer of Light to deal damage to the enemy and stun for a period of time. (Acquisition: blood pledge merchant reputation Lv.10, crafting)

(2) Buff/Debuff type

-Holy Light Shield: Single-buff skill, summon the Holy Light Shield to absorb 50 points of damage, lasts for 6 seconds. (Acquisition: skill merchant reputation Lv.1)

-Holy Royal: Single-buff skill, increases magic resistance +10, lasts for 10 minutes. (Acquisition: skill merchant reputation Lv.1)

-Holy Speed: Single-buff skill, increases attack speed +25%, movement speed +25%, after casting, lasts for 30 min. (Acquisition: skill merchant reputation Lv.1)

-Ultimate Defense: Single-buff skill, increases the melee range damage reduction +5, after casting, lasts for 2 minutes. (Acquisition: blood pledge merchant Lv.3, crafting)

-Fitness: Single-buff skill, increases physical defense +3, long-distance evasion +2, after casting, lasts for 10 minutes. (Acquisition: skill merchant reputation Lv.2, blood pledge merchant reputation Lv.5, crafting)

-Enhanced Attack: Single-buff skill, increases melee range attack +3 and PVE damage +3, after casting, lasts for 10 minutes. (Acquisition: blood pledge merchant reputation Lv.6, crafting)

-Iron Will: Single-buff skill, increases self-stun resistance +40 after casting, lasts for 5 minutes. (Acquisition: skill merchant reputation Lv.3, blood pledge merchant reputation Lv.12, crafting)

2) Passive skills:

-Holy Blade: Permanently increases melee damage +1. (Acquisition: skill merchant reputation Lv.1)

-Blessing: Permanently increases melee range damage reduction +2. (Acquisition: skill merchant reputation Lv.1)

-Holy Power: Permanently increases holy damage +3. (Acquisition: blood pledge merchant reputation Lv.2, crafting)

-Fortitude: Permanently increases your root resistance +30. (Acquisition: blood pledge merchant reputation Lv.4, crafting)

-Life Expansion: Permanently increases Max HP +200, and increases extra HP +10 per level. (Acquisition: blood pledge merchant reputation Lv.7, crafting)

Tips: In addition to the acquisition route mentioned above, also can obtain skills through [Field Monster Drop] and [Store Skill Oracle Scroll]. The above description is only to help players get a preliminary understanding of the character, and the actual content is subject to the in-game.