How to level-up fast to 30? 2023.03.31

How to level-up fast to 30?

In the early stage, you can mainly follow the main story quest, but there are some the following key points for your information:

LV3: Obtain haste potion: Improve the efficiency of killing monsters

LV4: Obtain morph card: The higher rank morph card could increase combat power higher


·Open character attribute points: After level 5, you can get 1 attribute point for every 5 levels, and give priority to choosing attributes that match your own class (Knight: Strength / Elf: Agility / Mage: Intelligence)

·Obtain the initial skill: Please pay attention to setting the automatic skill use, it will be improve the efficiency of killing monsters

LV7: Obtain food: Use to increase the combat attribute

LV8: Obtain beginner equipment: Wearing equipment can improve attributes, pay attention to observe the attributes of different equipment, different attributes have different degrees of combat power improvement

LV10: Obtain the summoned spirit: The higher rank summoned spirit card could increase combat power higher


·Enhancement equipment: Enhancement equipment can improve equipment attributes and also can unlock new attributes when Enhancement reaches a certain level

·Oracle Quest: Receive oracle quests and the oracle quests' completion have a daily limit


·Blood pledge: Adventurers can join blood pledge to become elites, or also can create own blood pledge to gather alliance to fight together. The higher the level of the blood pledge, has more powerful attribute bonuses, combat power boosts, etc..

The main functions of the early stage have been unlocked.

After reaching level 29, the main task will be interrupted, and we will lose the main source of Exp. in the early stage. Here are two options for adventurers:

1. Adventurers who want to play casually can use the APK function in the game. The first is the APK  point setting. It is recommended that all adventurers go to the second floor of the highland mine, set the APK consumables for 6 hours, and then start the APK. After 6 hours of APK, it can basically reach level 30 stably.

2. If you have the time and energy, and you are an adventurer who pursues level up quickly, you can go to Celestial City and find the Oracle Envoy to accept the oracle quests. It should be noted that only the oracle quests from Oracle Envoy will provide Exp., but the oracle scrolls purchased from the store or dropped in the field will not provide Exp. Try to accept the oracle quests that provide unique equipment and epic weapons/armor/accessory scroll fragments. If you are lucky, you can get suitable equipment support for continuing to rush.

In addition, we would like to remind all adventurers to pay attention to using the City Scrolls in time when you defeat monsters in the field, so as to avoid being killed by monsters or other players, causing unnecessary deaths. After dying in the field, you will be lost 5% Exp. each time, but as long as it is not in the red name state, the chance of losing equipment is very low. The lost Exp. can be recovered within 24 hours, but there are only 3 free chances per day, and diamonds are required for subsequent recovery!

Although completing the oracle quest does not guarantee that adventurers can reach level 30 stably, the extra experience income is very cost-effective, and it will reach level 30 faster than adventurers who have not done the oracle quest. Coupled with the support provided by the APK function, it is easier to quickly rush high level and so on!

Keep your eyes that the level leaderboard update at 5:00 (UTC+8) every day, and the top 100 adventurers will get a leaderboard buff reward. The higher the ranking, the stronger the buff, which is very helpful for subsequent rushing. , when adventurers use APK, remember to log-in online to claim the Exp. gained by APK before the leaderboard is updated! Otherwise, the Exp. gained by APK will not be included in the existing Exp.!

One text has a thousand interpretations. "War of GAMA" provides a very rich game experience and task system. We believe that all adventurers can find the most suitable way to play and experience the charm of this game together!