Recommended gift packs 2023.03.31

Recommended gift packs

Dear Adventurer,

"War of GAMA" is a MMORPG mobile game that reproduces the quality of the online games, brings fantasy into reality and satisfies all your desires for fighting! In addition to rich gameplay content, the game also provides super-valuable gift packs, which can help to improve your combat power, come and have a look!

Gift pack No.1:【Settlement Package】

【Settlement Package】:Not only gives you +6 Unique weapon*1 and +4 Unique arm*4 for your class, but also provides you with Gama Blessing Chest (B)*20, Diamonds*1700 and Bonus points*340!Only for 23.99 USD!

It is a musthave for those, who want speed up their leveling and make game smooth and pleasant. Later you also can register the equipment in your Collection book to enhance your stats!

Gift pack No.2:【Unique Morph Selection Pack】、【Unique Spirit Gift Pack】

【Unique Morph Selection Pack】:Unique Morph Cards*1(Dark Skeleton Guard\Ice demon Azazel\Tomb Keeper), Advanced Morph Card Coupon (11EA) *1 and Combat Enhancement Scroll*50.  Only for 23.99 USD!

【Unique Spirit Gift Pack】:Unique Spirit【Abomination Guard】*1, Advanced Morph Card Coupon (11EA) *1, Combat Enhancement Scroll*50. Only for 23.99 USD!

Yes, your eyes didn`t lie, you can get spirits and morph cards of Unique quality! Making choices is childish, I want both appearance and power! The gift pack also comes with 11 consecutive draws, one shot into the soul, the ultimate transformation/summoning spirit is waiting for you to draw! You are the number one European emperor in all servers!

Gift pack No.3:【Gold Coin Gift Pack】

【Gold Coin Gift Pack】:1 000 000 gold coins, Only for 300 Diamonds!

Are you still worried about the lack of ATF items? Are you still struggling with the cost of the skill book? Gold coin gift pack solves your urgent needs!

Good news: You can get 1 million gold coins for only 300 diamonds!

Bad news: only twice a week! Still want to buy more!

4. I want more!

During the Server Opening Event, Mall will have a lot of limited gift packs on its shelves! For details, please pay attention to the announcements. Adventurers, don't miss it!