How to level up quickly ( 30 lvl +) 2023.03.31

How to  level up quickly ( 30 lvl +)

The beginning stage is the most important time period for every player. I have already shared how to quickly pass levels 1-30. The following will bring you the strategy after level 30.

After gaining the 30 lvl, a new main line task will be opened. What we need to do at this time is to give priority to completing the main line task to gain a lot of experience. After all the main line tasks are completed, we can reach about 33 level.

It will be more difficult to gain experience at levels 34 and 35, we can only gain additional experience by accepting the oracle missions in Celestial City. It is recommended that adventurers try not to accept oracle tasks that are difficult to complete ( taking a long time or the monster level is too high), which will greatly reduce your efficiency. At this time, we must give priority to completing all oracle tasks , and then find a way to increase combat power to hang up and fight monsters. For ways to improve your combat power, you can refer to the two articles "Recommended Gift Packages to Buy" and "The Book of Combat Power Improvement". Higher-level Morph cards and spirits, good equipment and weapons are the ones that can support you.

After reaching level 35, we will unlock the experience dungeon - "The Lost Fortress". When our gold leaf (that is, the blessing of Gamma) is sufficient, it is recommended that adventurers give priority to hanging up the experience dungeon to maximize the benefits; after the daily free hours of the experience dungeon are out, we continue completing the main quest and the oracle missions. Adventurers with high enough combat power can consider challenging high-level experience dungeons, which can gain more experience and double the efficiency of charging!

Then on the road to waiting, the experience dungeon will become the main core. Here, the editor also wants to remind all adventurers that while waiting, don't forget to explore other content in the game. "War of GAMA" is a game with rich gameplay and content. I wish all adventurers can have fun here~