Powering Up 2023.03.31

Powering Up

1. Equipment enhancement: Equipment enhancement can not only improve the original attributes of the equipment, but also unlock new ones!

- When using a general enhancement scroll to enhance equipment within the safe range, the enhancement success rate is 100%; when safe range is passed, the equipment and the scroll will disappear together in case of failure.

- When using the Blessing Enhancement Scroll to enhance equipment within the safe range, the enhancement success rate is 100% and there is a chance to jump over certain levels; when the safe range is passed, there is a chance to jump after success, but the equipment and the scroll will disappear together in case of failure.

- There is a [Settlement Package] for beginners, which contains the current class +6 unique weapon*1 and +4 armor*4,  Gama blessing chest (large)*20, for those, who want to improve combat power quickly. It is strongly recommended to buy this gift pack! Even if it is no longer used in the future, it can be added to the Codex.

2. Obtain high-quality equipment: The higher the equipment quality the greater the combat power bonus. It is recommended that adventurers give priority to attributes that increase damage.

-Craft: Adventurers can collect gold coins, materials and scrolls by challenging limited-time dungeons [Mist Isle], [Abandoned Lands], [Forbidden Spire], and also collect them through oracle scrolls dropped in the mall or in the wild. Craft materials needed to make higher-quality equipment and gain powerful attributes. In addition, you can craft Rare Binding Equipment Box and the Rarest Binding Equipment Box to obtain Epic equipment. Wish you all the best! Good luck!

-Drop from defeating field boss monsters: In some locations, there are boss monsters, which will be refreshed every once in a while. Challenge them together with other adventurers, and have a chance to obtain legendary equipment! Remember to pay more attention to the refreshing time of each BOSS!

-Mall: In addition to the Settlement Package Mall gift package also provides a "Equipment Gift Pack". After using it, you can randomly get a piece of Unique or Epic equipment. Rare Binding Equipment Box, that contains a piece of equipment of Epic and below quality, interested adventurers can take a look.

3. Collecting Morph cards and Spirits

The higher the quality of the Morph card/Spirit, the stronger the buff bonus! Cursed Morph cards/Spirits can also give you additional attributes. And don`t dorget about Codex bonuses!

Power surge is not a dream!

4. Join a high-level blood pledge: the higher its level, the stronger its buffs, and at the same time, the more items that can be purchased in the blood pledge store.

5. Learn new abilities:Find the Skill book Merchant in 【Celestial City】, he owns a lot of items that can enhance your stats temporarily or forever.

6. Use time-limited buffs: Go to 【Celestial City】 Grocery merchant to buy various items, which can greatly increase our power within a certain period of time after use.

7. Leaderboards: There are various leaderboards in the game that can provide buffs, suitable for all kinds of adventurers to challenge.

-Level ranking: The ranking will be refreshed every hour, and the buff reward will be settled at 5:00 (UTC+8) every day. The higher the character level, the higher the ranking, and the more powerful the buff you get.

-Maze of Illusion: One of the adventure dungeons, one week is one season, and the higher the number of layers reached in the shortest time at the end of each season, the higher the ranking.

- Bounty Hunter: One of the adventure dungeons, a week is a season, and adventurers with higher points at the end of each season will be ranked higher.