Twitter Login close announcement 2023.05.05

Dear adventurer:

 Due to technical issues, the Twitter login for War of GAMA will be closed on 12:00 UTC+8, 8th May, 2023. New users will not be able to register with Twitter login. For players who previously used Twitter login, in order to ensure that you can log in to the game and secure your account information, please make sure to bind your account.



Account bound

View 2nd section【Other account bound Gamamobi】

Method 2

  1. After logging in with Twitter and entering the game, click on the floating window and select "Bind" to link your account.

  2. The subsequent steps are the same as "Method One".

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the Twitter login issue. We will announce any updates separately.

Best regards,

《War of GAMA》 operation team