New Adventurer's Guide 2023.03.31


【New Adventurer's Guide】

1、GooglePlay:》》》Click to view《《《

2、AppStore:》》》Click to view《《《

3、Download APK:》》》Click view《《《

4、Gamer:forum 》》》Click view《《《

5、Gamer :tutorial》》》Click view《《《

6、Official fan page:》》》Click view《《《

7、Third-party top-up tutorial:》》》Click view《《《

8、Account Binding:》》》Click view《《《

9、customer service:》》》Click to view《《《


【Official Tutorial】

New Server Guide

1)Tutorial for the beginner:Click to view

2)New Server Event:Click to view

Official Guide

1)Account Binding:Click to view

2)Account Retrieval:Click to view

3)Serial Code Redemption:Click to view

4)Contacting Customer Service:Click to view

Top-Up Tutorial

1)Platform Top-Up Tutorial: Click to view

Stripe Tutorial: Click to view

2)Account Security Policy Explanation: Click to view

3)Warning on Unauthorized Third-Party Top-Up: Click to view

Strategy Guide (Continuously Updated):

1)Complete Strategy Guide: Click to view

2)Game FAQ: Click to view

Beginner's Guide:

1)How to Reach Level 30 Quickly: Click to view

2)Daily Must-Have Benefits: Click to view

3)Class Introduction - Knight: Click to view

4)Class Introduction - Mage: Click to view

5)Class Introduction - Elf: Click to view

Advanced Guide:

1)How to Quickly Level Up After Level 30?: Click to view

2)Guide to Increasing Your Combat Power!: Click to view

3)Recommended Must-Buy Packages!: Click to view